22 October 2016

foot fetish

i like feet - and would almost consider myself a foot fan - i always make guys take off their socks when having sex ...

but i recently had a couple of incidents which made me realise that i'm a complete amateur !

they both happened in the showers at the gym

sometimes when there are too many straight guys in the steam room, the best you can do is get shower cubicles beside each other, and at least enjoy the sight of each other !

the other day a guy put his foot under the divider and into my shower cubicle ... so we were able to connect feet - shame we couldn't connect anything else !

then a couple of days later - the guy in the neighbouring shower cubicle put his foot to the edge in initiate contact ... and next thing i know, he's reaching down to touch my foot !

it's funny how things happen in convoys

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