19 October 2016

is it ok to hook up in the showers ?

there's over 60 posts on this blog about gym / steam room encounters ... so i clearly don't have a problem with guys hooking up in gyms ...

but one aspect that i'm not so comfortable with is guys who exit the steam room, go to the showers, put up towels to stop people seeing in ... and get it on ...

if i see a shower (usually at the far end of the shower room) with towels up, it's pretty obvious that there are two guys in there !

it's probably only a matter of time before staff notice / straight gym goers complain ... there's a general clampdown ... and then our steam room fun gets stopped too.

i feel it's selfish to use the showers so obvioulsy for sex.

but then the other day, there were too many people in the steam room ... and a guy in the shower cubicle opposite me got down on his knees in his cubicle, and motioned for me to join him ... which i did !

at least we didn't use any towels, and the smoked glass of the shower meant that he couldn't be seen.

i still feel like a hypocrite ! 


Anonymous said...

I work in a popular gym and I have to say it drives me crazy guys being so obvious about having sex in the sauna/shower. You're right that eventually staff gets enough complains and the fun comes to an end. We know it happens just wish guys were a bit more discrete. Last month alone 30 guys lost their memberships for 90 days.

close encounters said...

30 guys - wow that really is a popular gym !

do they have to be caught in the act to get suspended ... or is watching enough of a crime ??