12 December 2016

higher sex drive

normally i'm the one in the relationship / association with the higher sex drive ... or maybe i'm usually more turned on by the other guy than he is by me ...

but it definitely gives power to the other guy - or at least it makes me feel like the other guy has the power !

one ex-boyfriend - who was a bit of a game player / head screwer anyway - used to really wind me up !!

i'm currently in the unusual position that a guy who i've written about many times - who i guess is a sort of fuck buddy - is more into me than i'm into him ... so every week or so, he sends me a message on Gaydar asking me to go to his place (which is only just around the corner) to have some fun.

sometimes he keeps asking and asking - almost begging - me to go over.

i really only go when i'm absolutely gagging for it.  it makes me feel weird - the strangeness of the role reversal, and the feeling that i'm using him ... but then i guess he's using me too !

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