14 December 2016

first use of a ...

cock ring !

i'd been meaning to buy one for ages ... but Amex is currently running a "shop small" special offer ... so i made the effort to go to my local gay sex shop - which very handily is part of the Amex deal !

i needed to spend over 10 quid ... so i went for the OptiMale 3 C-Ring set

the other day a guy came over who had already indicated that he wanted to be penetrated ... and once we met he seemed quite a relaxed kind of a guy - so i thought he was a good candidate to try it out on !

whilst the sex was reasonably good ... the trouble was that he turned out to be a smoker - and i suspect quite a heavy smoker.  Unfortunately Manhunt doesn't have "smoker" as a profile field - so you either need to put it in your own profile text as a preference, or remember to ask ... which i didn't

early on in proceedings, i nearly called a halt to things - as the smell of smoke was almost making me retch ... but i worked out that if i avoided parts of him that smelled more of smoke, i was ok to continue !

i think the cock ring worked ok.  we didn't manage to co-ordinate our ejaculations - but we weren't too far apart

he didn't hang around for long afterwards ... but i don't think i would have wanted to cuddle him anyway :(

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