30 March 2017


i was in the gym steam room again the other day ... and in walked a guy who i once had fun with ... and who is always fun to chat with ...

whilst we've had the odd fumble since then ... i don't think we've ever actually got off together again ... although that's more him than me !

on this occasion it was getting close to closing time at the gym ... and it looked like he needed to explode !

the trouble was that he was so hot (possibly spent too long in the steam) that he couldn't last more than a couple of minutes !

i'd forgotten what a good kisser he is.

eventually though, with him sitting down, and me standing up ... and another guy standing by the door ... i emptied my tanks on his chest.

he laughed out a "naughty" in response !

later on he unloaded in the shower - shame i wasn't there for it.


Adrian Jones said...

That's the problem with steam room heat, it makes you feel naughty but the heat makes you too weak for serious action. I like it at places where there are loungers to rest on after the steam room. It makes a good location to check out people's under towel or in trunk bulges.

close encounters said...

i find the loungers can a useful place to wait and spot the straight guys leaving the steam, so i can go back in and get some action !