22 August 2017

once more unto the hotel

there's a hotel not far from where i live that i've been to a good few times over the years ... i've met a lovely guy there a few times in recent months ... i was on a date there last year ... amongst others ...

and then the other day, i was chatting to a guy on Grindr, and it turned out that he was staying in the same hotel !

when i arrived he looked a bit different to his pics, but he was still a good looking guy.

before i'd arrived he'd said he didn't want the lights on during sex - but that really isn't my thing !

but he didn't seem that shy when it came down to it - maybe it's the idea of it, rather than the actuality.

we got into a position where i must have given my abs a good workout ... i was exhausted straight after cumming ... and my abs were sore for days afterwards !

sadly he didn't cum.  whilst i felt guilty - he didn't seem to mind.

he seemed to want me to leave soon afterwards ... but then when i was ready to leave, he was keen to chat !

nice guy.  maybe when he's back in london we can meet up again ... and i can get him to cum ...

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