16 August 2017


apparently it's not an STD ... but since i personally acquired it from a guy's dick ... at least i think that's how i got it ... i'm filing this post under STDs !

a few days after a particular encounter ... my dick went a bit red, and my ass got a bit itchy ...

i assumed the red dick was due to overuse ... and both symptoms seemed to go down after about five days ...

and then the trouble really happened.

i got a small blister on my dick !

i feared herpes or warts ... and in a state of shock, headed to my local clap clinic.

i had to write my symptoms on a piece of paper, and hand it to the beautiful receptionist (he smokes - which rules him out, not that he was probably ever in) !

he told me that i would need to see a doctor ... and to come back tomorrow ... which isn't a great response when you're freaking out.

the next day i described my horrendous blister to the doctor ... and showed it to her ... but she was somewhat underwhelmed !

she took a swab to see if it was herpes ... but she suspected it was in fact Thrush ... but i'm male ... wtf ?!

she gave me a single pill to take - which made me feel a bit rubbish ... but all in a good cause.

and a cream to put on a couple of times a day.

and a soap substitute to use on my groin - apparently soap can irritate it.

after about a week or so it went away ... finally.

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