27 September 2017

effing awesome

what is it about americans that they can't say "fucking" ... even after they've just cum ?!

we had chatted previously - and he told me that without a dick pic (which i don't have / send) he wasn't interested in meeting ... since he was primarily looking to suck ...

but a couple of days later his horniness must have got the better of him ... and he was keen to meet ...

i went over to his place.  my inherent curiosity / nosiness means that i normally enjoy travelling for encounters ... but this guy's flat was a bit of a pigsty !

he wasn't quite as attractive as his photos ... seriously overweight ... but he seemed keen ... and i needed a BJ !

he shot first - although sadly i didn't really see it

he seemed to really enjoy the encounter

it wasn't bad ... but i don't think i will go back for more.

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