29 September 2017

i wasn't expecting that

i was sitting alone in the steam room ... my towel was open, with my hand covering my junk ...

a guy walked in wearing shorts ... but sat a bit too close for somebody who was straight ... but not close enough for somebody who was up for it ...

he started looking at my crotch ... which got me excited ...

after a few minutes he took off his shorts ...

before long i was standing in front of him ... and discovered that he had a Prince Albert !
can't remember the last time i saw one of those !!

i kissed him ... but he didn't taste so good.

he was nervous, kept looking at the door, and thought it was "incredibly risky".  I tried to assure him it wasn't.

great body.  rock hard dick.  it was so hot in the steam that i needed a break.

when i returned he was gone, and didn't return.

sadly no explosion


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