31 December 2017

saying no ... again

sometimes my straight friends think that gay life is all instant hookups, without any work involved ... and whilst i admit that i'm sure men picking up women have to do more work ... i think heteros underestimate the amount of time it takes to find a suitable guy on the apps !

i wonder if my blog give the same, false impression ?

not only is there the amount of time trying to meet a guy ... but sometimes you meet a guy, and the encounter just goes wrong ... or sometimes they just aren't what you thought they were !

i recently agreed to meet up with a guy who was staying in a hotel right by my gym ...

as soon as he opened his bedroom door (in his underwear), i realised that it wasn't going to work ...

he was quite different to his photos.  he wasn't bad looking, but just not what i was expecting.  probably not my type - but if he had used more representative photos, it might have managed my expectations !

i stood by the door as he chatted away.  he seemed a bit shocked when i said that i wasn't going to stay.

sometimes it just doens't work, and you have to say no.


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