25 January 2018

multi ethnic steam

one of the things i love about this city is the ethnic diversity - i really can't imagine living in a single race city - it would be so dull !

i was in the notorious steam room the other day ... and to my left was a guy who was part middle eastern ... to my right was a guy who was east asian ... and to his right was a black guy whose ethnic origin i couldn't quite work out ... but whose dick was beautiful !

the east asian guy to my right was clearly up for fun ... and he got the guy to his right going ... and i got the guy to my left going ...

the trouble with the high levels of steam is that you can't actually see when somebody cums ... and you can't make much noise, as you don't know for sure what's going on over the other side !

in other steam rooms i often cum standing up - often on another guy ... but in the notorious steam room i'm often sitting down ... and the trouble is that my cum ends up in my pubes ... and i spend half my shower trying to extract it ... and i don't always succeed !



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