02 February 2019

sauna semi solo

i usually prefer the steam room for encounters ... maybe it's partly what i'm used it, and what i first started with - all those years ago!  but it's also a practical matter - the steam gives you that extra second to "scatter like roaches" to avoid getting caught, it also makes people look better than the bright light of a sauna, and it's also a more pleasant temperature for exertions !

but the other day my local gym's steam room wasn't working properly - so i was forced into the sauna ...

and before long a guy appeared who i'm pretty sure i'd half messed around with before Christmas - but who was too nervous to actually do anything.  this time he was still nervous ... but not as scared as before !

whilst he wasn't prepared to get himself off ... he was more than happy to help me get off ... so i did !

and just as i was cumming he started grabbing at my dick !  seriously man - do you have any idea how sensitive dick is at that precise moment in time ?!

anyway, he seemed to enjoy it all.  next time maybe i can persuade him to shoot too ...


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