31 January 2019

cocky student

i was back in the most notorious gym the othe day ... and it was mad mix of loads of gay horny guys ... but always one straight to screw things up !

but there was some minor fun along the way ... including a beautiful black guy with whom i nearly reached climax before an uninvited visitor arrived !

and then there was the asian guy who sat really close to me, and with whom i shared some caresses ...

and then in the changing room after we had both given up ... he was happily showing off his dick

what was interesting was that he wasn't the prettiest of guys ... he didn't have the most impressive body ... and he didn't even have that great a dick ... but he was clearly so comfortable in his skin that he was happy to show off ...

as it happened, we both left the building at the same time, and as i paused outside the front door of the gym, we started chatting ... and it turned out that he lived nearby - but in a student hall of residence !

unsurprisingly he didn't want to sign me in as a guest - so we didn't get to finish each other off !!

maybe another time 


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