10 June 2019

alpha male

as i mentioned recently, i've changed gym chain after years of using one with a good number of cruisy male only steam rooms ...

as well as a couple of male of steam rooms, the chain has a couple of mixed ones where male only action takes place !

i tried it recently after a workout, and it was empty ... but before long a guy arrived wearing speedos

he sat close enough to be a potential player ... and after i adjusted myself a couple of times, he showed definite interest ...

before long i was standing over him with my lad in my hand (so to speak) ... which seemed to surprise him ... and he suggested that i was a real alpha male !  not something i often get called - but i guess everything is relative !!

he then asked me if i was married ... and if i was straight !  which seems odd things to ask before messing around with a guy in a gym steam room ...

before long i had shot my load on him ... but he didn't seem to interested in shooting his own load ... as i suspect he was married !


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