04 June 2019

nervous neighbour

i chatted to a nearby guy on Grindr, and he seemed keen ... so i gave him my address ... which is a bit confusing, because there are two separate buildings with the same name, just different numbers !

after a bit of confusion he got to my front door ... and looked worried ... as he said he lived in the same building !

he came up to my apartment, but seemed really nervous, and looked like he might leave ... and said "but we're neighbours" ... so i tried my best to calm him down ... and eventually he seemed to relax !

he was quite overweight, but he carried it reasonably well ... the only downside was that he produced quite a bit of sweat at times - but not all the time ...

he said early on (when he was nervous) that he didn't want to be fucked ... but later on he seemed keen for me to play with his ass !

he had mentioned on Grindr that he hadn't cum for a couple of weeks - which seemed odd ... but it seemed like he really struggled to get himself over the edge

eventually he did

not sure if he or i will be up for meeting again ... but it will be fun to bump into each other !


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