12 March 2016

oh my gosh

i've had a profile on Blued for quite a while, but don't often use it ... but recently i've started trying a bit more ... and i got chatting to a guy who seemed interesting ...

he lived about an hour away from me (and couldn't accomm) ... so i was a bit concerned about him coming all the way over, in case we decided that we weren't both up for it ... but he seemed keen ... so i agreed to it !

i met him at my local station ... and whilst he wasn't quite as good looking as his pics, he was good enough to invite back to my place :)

he was a funny mixture of camp and masculine ... one of his phrases was "you naughty man" - usually in response to me just touching him !

after a coffee - we moved into my bedroom and things started to happen ... but it came to a juddering halt, after he got me to suck his dick, and then said "oh no, not the first time i meet a guy" when i asked him to suck mine ... wtf !

fair enough if you aren't into sucking - but you sure as hell don't get the other guy to suck yours first ... and i mean push your dick into his face !

after a few minutes (where i considered throwing him out) ... i calmed down and started things up again ... and he did manage to return the favour on the felattio front ...

it was a reasonably enjoyable encounter ... and we both came at the same time, which was good ... and unlike my last encounter

afterwards we had a bit of cuddling (which is always fun) ... but one of the phrases that he kept using was "oh my gosh" (in a slightly camp way) ... which started to get really annoying !

for that, and other reasons ... he won't be getting another invite to my bed !!

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