18 March 2016

upstairs / downstairs ... toilets

i can't remember how it found it ... but i got added to a group on kik which discusses toilet encounters across London !

there's one in a shopping centre near where i used to work that gets talked about a lot ... it's also close to one of the gyms that i go to ... so the other day, i thought i would check it out ...

first i tried the toilet in the basement ... there were three urinals ... and there were guys waiting to use them ... as some of the occupants were spending a lot of time there !

the trouble was you didn't know if the guys in the queue were also up for it ... so it just didn't seem to work :(

a few days later, i went back again, and went to use the other set of toilets upstairs ...

these were closer to the shops / offices ... and seemed to have more straight guys using them ...

whilst the idea sounds hot ... in practice it was just too risky for my tastes ... and i left both toilets without depositing a load !


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