04 March 2016

Jeykll and Hyde

i once went on a couple of dates with a guy (who is now a friend) ... and when we got back to my place (finally, after the 2nd or 3rd date) ... without warning, he turned in a couple and absolute bottom !

i had a similar experience the other day ... this young guy who seemed fairly straight acting (and who turns out to be trying to get a girlfriend) ... once inside my flat ... pouted his ass and demanded to be penetrated !!

we had chatted before but not managed to meet up, as he works near where i live, but he lives the other side of the city ... however, this time we did ...

under questioning in advance, he admitted that he doesn't often kiss guys (a sure sign of a guy who isn't comfortable with his sexuality) ... but despite my dislike of guys who don't kiss, i thought it might be fun to meet ... which it was !

we got down to business fairly quickly after he arrived ... it also turned out that he didn't like sucking dick, which was a shame ... but eventually i coulnd't hold back, and i came ... which freaked him out, as some/most of it went on him ...

not too long afterwards he shot his load too.

i assumed that he would leave straight away ... but he came back to bed ... and almost cuddled !

soon afterwards he was hard again, and started playing with himself ... and i provided what assistance i could (which included putting pressure on his neck - which he liked) ... although it went on for so long, that i think i drifted off at some point !  i woke up again, to rejoin the fun ... and in time for his second load :)

afterwards he had a shower, and i got to ask him about himself ... which is when i found out that he believes that he can stop having sex with men once he gets a girlfriend !

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