10 June 2016

stop biting me !

i contacted a guy on Grindr recently who said he was looking for "kissing and cuddling" - since i'm a fan of both activities !

he wasn't too far away ... and it took a while (he was a bit tight with his facepics) ... but we agreed for him to come over to my place.

i met him at the tube station, and he seemed to be a nice enough guy ...

it was a pleasant enough encounter ... one interesting aspect was that despite being Asian, he seemed to get sweatier than me !  i quite enjoy it when a guy gets a bit sweaty during sex - so it wasn't a problem.

the weird thing was that he thought it would be fun to get me to shoot a load, by pretending he was about to cum ... apparently he was going to come once we started up again ... but we never quite did !

he wanted to stay the night ... but i wanted a good night's sleep ... so i ended up walking him to the tube station - he just caught the last tube. 

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