08 June 2016

sucking opportunity

i was going round to a friend's place for sunday lunch ... so i visited a different gym to my usual ones ... i had been before, so i knew it had a male steam room ... but i don't think i've ever managed to get much action.

after doing some weights, i went downstairs to the shower/steam area ... and there was an older guy in the steam room who looked like he was up for it, as well as a straight guy - in his shorts !

the straight guy left, and was replaced by a middle aged guy, who was clearly up for it as well.  i didn't really fancy either of them ... but i was feeling a bit horny ... so i stood up, with my dick not too far away from the younger of the two ...

he took the bait, and started sucking.  sadly he didn't have enough time to get me off - but it was still fairly pleasurable.

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