06 June 2016


the other day it was late, and i had been on Grindr for a while - but it hadn't quite worked out with a couple of guys that were possible meets ...

this guy contacted me ... and after i sent him my facepics, he said that we had met before - but i didn't recognise him from his facepics.

he came over - and decided that he had definitely been to my flat before - told me that he remembered it being untidy !

we got down to things fairly quickly ... and it turned into one of the best sessions that i've had for a long time !!

he was a bit bossy - he stopped me from touching myself ... and it was sort of fun - because i was a lot stronger than him, so there was no way he could force me to do anything ... but it was amusing that he kept trying.

i always produce a lot of precum (when the encounter is good) - but this time i produced crazily large amount ... almost as if i had shot a mini load, that then dribbled out ... i've not experienced that before.

he arrived wearing a cock ring - which was sort of strange, as he said he had been out drinking with friends after work ... not sure when he put it on !  apparently it gives him a more intense orgasm.

he was mixed race, and his parents spend part of the year in Asia, and partly over here - apparently he is out to his Mum, but not his Dad.  he wasn't really camp, but i find it hard to imagine that either his dad doesn't realise, or his mum hasn't told his dad !

altogether a very pleasant experience.

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