29 July 2016

report card

i had been chatting to a guy on Jackd for about a day ... and he was keen to meet up ... so the other morning we did just that ...

he was quite cute - a bit smaller than i was expecting ... and nice and friendly ...

we'd had some discussion beforehand about kissing - i'm keen on it, and prefer guys who are too ... but he didn't seem overly keen.  thankfully when we met, he was ok with kissing - even if i had to get him to slow down, to enjoy longer / slower kisses !

we knew we only had an hour before he had to head off ... so we got down to business fairly quickly ... he had a beautiful uncut dick - which always helps !

before we met, he suggested that he was looking to btm that day ... so after some preliminaries, i complied with his request !  he was a bit of a moaner - i suspect he watches a lot of professional porn !  but still, i prefer that than somebody who is dead silent.

i was trying to time our ejaculations so we both shot together ... and i thought he was close, so i started shooting ... but it turned out that he wasn't !  i couldn't keep penetrating him, so i had to use my fingers to stimulate his ass for another couple of minutes, until he shot his load.

he was able to stay for a bit afterwards, which was great ... and he seems like a nice guy - although fairly recently out of a relationship, so probably still a bit fragile.

a couple of hours later, he sent a message saying "Amazing", and that he really enjoyed it.  i couldn't stop myself showing it to a mate that i was having lunch with - who knows what i get up to.  my mate laughed, and said it was like getting a report card at school :)

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close encounters said...

just to bring me down to earth ... i was chatting online to a guy i met a few months ago ... and he said there was no way he was going to meet me again - it was the worst encounter he had ever had !