28 July 2016

steam room argument

i was in one of my regular gym steam rooms the other day ... there was an Arrogant guy - with a good body and a nice dick ... and a more Friendly guy - also with a nice body and a good dick ...

it looked like we might get it together ... but sadly a couple of guys came in wearing swimming togs - a clear sign that they were unlikely to be up for any action :(

i headed out of the steam room to take a shower and head off ... but shortly afterwards i saw the Arrogant guy in discussion with one of the Swimming Tog guys ...

i couldn't work out whether they knew each other, or whether the Swimming Tog guy was complaining to the Arrogant guy ... the conversation went back and forth for a couple of minutes ... and ended with the Arrogant guy telling the Swimming Tog guy to "fuck off".

it reminded me that one does need to be discreet in the steam room !

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