30 July 2016

bloke on a crutch

by the evening of the "report card" encounter, i was feeling horny again ... and thankfully other guys were too !

i started chatting to a guy who wanted to give a Blow Job ... his english was a bit hard to understand, but we sorted out where he was (not far away), and agreed that i would come over and deliver a load.

on my way, i mentioned that i needed a piss ... and he asked for that too !

when i arrived he was just wearing his boxers, and using a crutch !  he was better looking than his pics - both body and face ... which was a nice surprise !

after he took off his underwear and got into his bath, i complied with his request and emptied my bladder i started working up to emptying my balls ... like the report card guy, he also had a beautiful uncut cock, a real handful.  before too long he was shooting his load, and i had to play catch up this time!

he shot a nice big hot load ... so it didn't take me long to add mine to his.

before i arrived he said that he didn't want chat, just cum and go ... but afterwards we did chat whilst he showered to remove all the liquids from his hot body !

he lives fairly close - i'm surprised i hadn't seen him online before ... maybe we will manage a repeat encounter ...

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