16 January 2016

even more Hep-B injections

back in june i went for my vaguely annual STD check ... which thankfully came back clear ... but said that i needed a Hepatitis-B booster ... which was a bit annoying, as I went through a series of injections a few years ago ... actually about 6 years ago - doesn't time fly !

the other day i finally went back to my local clap clinic for some more nurse action ... but despite having asked me to return ... they seemed a bit clueless as to why i was there.  and that receptionist who looks down his down at me / everybody is still there ... although there was another amazingly cute / nice one as well :)

eventually i got to see a nurse who explained that for some people a standard series of Hep-B injections will give them immunity for life, whilst other people need a double dose of injections, whilst for rare individuals it just doesn't work at all !

so i've had my first, and will have the 2nd in a week's time, the 3rd a couple of weeks later, and the 4th (a booster) six months later.  they will do a blood test 6-8 weeks after my booster (4th) injection to see what level my Hep-B antibodies are at ... anything above 10 means that i have immunity.

hopefully it will work this time ... and actually last !

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