28 November 2016

it tickles

i was contacted the other day, by a fairly young guy ... and after exchanging pics, he was keen to meet up.

my experience of younger guys is that they don't normally actually show up - whether they get scared, get a better offer, or are just flakey ... who knows !

we had arranged for him to come over to my place late morning ... so as i was having breakfast, i was fairly sure that there wasn't any rush - he would either cancel, or i just wouldn't hear from him ...

but amazingly, he contacted me to say that he was on his way !

sometimes i'm not attracted to younger guys, as it feels too weird ... but this guy was tall, which probably helped, and very cute ... and i was instantly hard !

for a guy who has been meeting up with other guys for less than a year - he was a very good kisser / sucker ... and he didn't rush things

we had a really enjoyable session ... and it ended up with him rubbing himself off on me - no hands used - neither his nor mine ... which i think may have been a first !

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