25 November 2016

steamroom regular

there's a guy who i quite often seen in the steamroom - but i've never seen him get up to anthing ... i don't think i've even see him make eye contact with other guys, let alone rub himself through his towel !

but he tends to make repeat visits to the steam room in a short period of time ... which is usually a sign that a guy is up for some man action ...

and he's quite cute - so i was interested to find out what his story was !

the other day, it ended up with just three of us left in the streamroom ... with another guy between us ...

and before long ... we were enjoying each other !

we got interrupted before we could christen the occasion ... but it was good to finally find out that i wasn't going crazy !!


Bruce said...

I wonder if he thought the same about you! Hehe. If you haven't seen him play with others than he probably hasn't seen you either!

close encounters said...

Ha ha - i suspect he had noticed me looking at him / adjusting myself !

I bumped into him at the gym again yesterday - sadly i had just finished showering when i saw him entering the steam room :(

but we did actually make eye contact !