30 November 2016

Warning - attending a GB party may result in being groped !

I wrote this over two years ago - but never got around to posting it.
Since I was at another GB party recently, I thought it was about time to get it out ! 

I hadn't been able to make it to a couple of GB's parties/dinners recently ... so it was great to be able to join him recently to celebrate his birthday !

I've met a few of his friends over the years, but there were lots of people that I hadn't seen before ... one of them being the guy he used to refer to as Boyfriend Number 3

Before I arrived, he texted to say that BF3 would be there ... I'm always interested to meet guys that he has blogged about, so it was another reason to make the effort to head over to the other side of town !

As well as GB's boyfriend - who I've met a few times, and who is great fun - and BF3, also there was the original BF1 who I've also met before and is a great guy ... it really was a hareem of boyfriends past and present !!

It was a really fun party ... and it's been a while since I was repeatedly groped in public ... but sadly I didn't fancy BF3 ... and most of the guys that I did like the look of were attached !

It was a fun evening, and GB really does have a great group of friends.


Bruce said...

Nice!! Somehow missed the fact that you and GB have met. Sad to hear that he's going to stop blogging.

Just realized that at one of the gay sports leagues I'm in I get groped by about four or five guys. All harmless fun but fun nevertheless.

close encounters said...

I first met GB back in 2008 - he took me to dinner the day after I split up with my first boyfriend ! Not like your type of blogger meets ;)

I tried convincing him that he should just blog when he feels like it, rather than feeling obliged to post every month ... not sure if it worked :(

You should blog about your gay sports / being groped - it sounds hot !