07 January 2017

Do what you want to me

i was on Grindr the other day, and was chatting to a nearby guy who was clearly horny ...

he came over to my place straight away ... and it was a pleasant surprise to find he was more handsome than his pics ...

in the messages we exchanged on Grindr he said he wanted to be face fcked ... and after he arrived i asked if he wanted to be pissed on ... to which he replied "do what you want to me" ... which sounded like the thing a high person would say !

initially he denied it - but a second later he admitted that he had consumed quite a bit of coke - and asked me if i wanted some ... which i declined.

he stripped off and jumped into my bath ... so i was able to empty my bladder on him ... shower him down ... and get him to suck me off.

sadly he didn't shoot a load - which is partly why i try and avoid high guys.

as we chatted afterwards - it turned out that his husband was away for christmas, and that they didn't have sex anymore.  but it sounded like when his husband is at home - he doesn't meet up with other guys.


About a week later, i saw him on Grindr again, and asked him if he wanted to come over ... but he wanted to bareback - and said that he was HIV positive, but undetectable.  since i don't bareback with anybody - i declined.  shame, as he was a hot guy.

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