31 January 2017

moaning in the steam room

the other day i was in the steam room ... and there was just one other guy there ... lying down ... not too far away ... and he started moaning !

i couldn't quite work out whether he was in pain or experiencing pleasure ... since despite  his legs being wide open, he wasn't touching himself.

his head was further away from me, and i couldn't see whether he was looking at me - he was black, and the steam room was quite dark.

after a while i decided that he had to be up for it, so i moved towards him ... he grabbed my dick, and i started dealing with his rather large tumesence !

it's not often that a guy manages to wank me off - i usually prefer to finish things myself ... but on this occasion he did - with my cum hitting his chest.

sadly i couldn't extract a load from him ... so i left oweing him one ...

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