28 January 2017

small and far away

i remember once hearing the Astronomer Royal being asked whether he believed there was life on other planets in the Solar System ... and he responded by describing what an amazing stroke of luck the creation of planet Earth at just the right distance from the sun, and with just the right mixture of gases to support life.

sometimes it feels like trying to have fun in a mixed/straight gym steam room requires a similar amount of luck !  all it takes is one straight guy or one nervous (gay) guy, or one shy (gay) guy ... and nothing happens.  every bloke has a right of veto - and sometimes he doesn't even realise he is exercising it.

i encountered this the other day in the gym, in a slightly different scenario to the usual.  the layout of this steam room means that there's a corner seat beside the steam vent which is slightly separate from the rest of the room.  it's great for straight guys who don't want to interact.

on this occasion there were about five guys who were all up for fun, but the one person sitting in the corner stopped anything happening.  the annoying thing was that it turned out later that he was totally gay, and totally up for it ... the trouble was that the gap between him and the rest of us meant that we didn't know he was, and he didn't know we were !

i think the moral of the story is - if you find yourself isolated in the steam room - once the obvious straight guys leave, exit and re-enter in a different seat - don't risk being an Ejac Blocker !! 

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