01 October 2017

comical miscommunication

i was in the gym ... checking the apps ... and started chatting with a guy who seemed keen to meet ...

the trouble was that i didn't have a lot of time ... so i had to try and get him to arrive at my flat around the same time that i got back from the gym ...

it was further complicated by the fact that he had recently arrived in London, and didn't have a mobile phone - so once he left his flat he would be out of communication range !

just as i arrived at the front door of my flat ... he was turning around to leave ... and he looked quite different to his profile pics, so for a second i wasn't sure if it was actually him ... but it was !

he seemed like a nice guy ... a bit camper that i usually go for ... and a bit heavier than his profile pics.

we got down to fun fairly quickly ... it was fine ... but sort of forgettable
usually some aspect of an encounter sticks in my mind for a while ... but there really wasn't anything particularly interesting about this one ...
apart from the bizarre moment when i looked down at him sucking me, and thought the way his hair started from a circle - almost looked like an asshole !

afterwards he jumped in the shower (i had fairly drenched him with my load) ... and we had a hilarious crossed wires conversation ... he would say one thing (about leaving his phone in the airport) ... i would ask a follow it up question (asking which route he took) ... and he would answer a completely different question (about where he was staying in london) ... his english wasn't quite good enough !

nice guy.  not sure i will see him again.

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