09 May 2019

another no pics visitor

these days i never meet guys without seeing their facepics ... and of course i have facepics to swap ... but i don't have dickpics ... and some guys require images of my crown jewels in advance - so i miss out on those potential encounters !

but i recently met a guy who didn't seem that bothered about seeing my face in advance - which was unusual ... and within a week i'd met another guy who didn't even ask for my facepics ...

he was a nice enough guy ... but he could have been more freshly washed ... and he was relatively hairy - which is a bad combination !
after messing around for a while, i started penetrating him ... and i accept that if you're going to mess with a guy's ass, shit is an occupational hazard ... but i don't think i've ever end up with brown on my own stomach !

it wasn't particularly sexy, so i decided to move things along ... and i wanked him off ... and quickly follow up with a load of my own ... which accidentally hit his face ... which he didn't seem to worry too much about

he stayed for a good while afterwards - letting me hold him, which i alway enjoy.  but he didn't speak a huge amount himself ...

it seemed like he really was bi (not just trying to convince himself) - and that most of his previous experience was with women.  like the previous guy, he was a lot more mature than you'd expect for somebody in his early twenties.  i got the impression that one of his parents might have died when he was young (but i could have over interpreted) - but he was obviously close to his brother, which was good.

he seemed somewhat unhappy with himself - maybe he really was only trying to be straight ... who knows.

suspect he's the sort of guy who will delete the app ... and download it again in a few months !


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