29 May 2019

one date

i'd chatted to this guy for a couple of week on Scruff ... and after a bit, i figured out that he wanted a proper date before we did anything more intimate ...

so we met up for a couple of drinks - and he seemed like a reasonably interesting guy

physically he was smaller than i expected - but he was definitely attractive

he appeared keen to meet another time at my place (he couldn't host) for some naked activities

the trouble was that he didn't seem prepared / able to find time to actually meet

and then when it seemed like we finally might make it happen - he wanted more details about what i wanted to do when we met !

i couldn't work out if he just wasn't that interested in me ... or maybe he doesn't often actually get naked with guys and was nervous ... or maybe he was a bit too self centred to find time for anything beyond his own interests

eventually i told him that we just needed to accept that it wasn't going to happen

he seemed shocked that i was pulling the plug.  but i really can't be bothered with guys who don't get on with things !


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