03 May 2019

This is going to be good

since i'm currently out of action due to a medical issue that's Probably not Thrush ... this event happend before i was sidelined ...

i had chatted months and months ago to a guy on Squirt ... but he didn't have any facepics ... so i didn't meet him ...

but he contacted me again recently - and this time he did have photos of his face ... and whilst they weren't the best pics ever - i thought he was worth meeting ...

so he hopped in an Uber and made his way over to my place - since he wasn't able to host ...

and i never quite got around to sending him my photos - i'm not even sure if i have ever uploaded any to Squirt - since it's not a site i really use to meet guys

as usual i went down to the front door of my building to meet him - to make it easier to say no ... but there was no need to say no, as he was better looking than his photos !

as we entered my flat he said "this is going to be good" - with just a bit of excitement in his voice ... which seemed like an odd thing to say

we got down to business straight away ... and he turned out to be pretty good

afterwards i asked him what age he was ... and he claimed to be 20 years old ... but he seemed way more mature than that ... and too good at sex for somebody that young !

he didn't hang around for long - as he was flying out that evening

after a couple of less than excellent experiences, i now try to limit myself to guys above 25 years old ... but i might make an exception (again) for this guy if he asks !


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