21 July 2008

bumping into a friend straight after an encounter !

what should i do if i bump into a friend straight after an encounter as i'm coming out of a guy's flat ?

it was 1am, and it would have been obvious what i'd been up to ... so i just froze, and luckily he walked past without seeing me ! i couldn't believe the freakish chance of that happening ... hopefully it won't happen again, but i need a strategy if it does ...

a lot of my straight friends wouldn't be that comfortable with the idea that gay blokes have encounters like i do ... and some of them could be quite jealous of it ... so i really don't want to let them know ... but maybe there's no alternative - claiming to be "visiting a friend" might work sometimes, but if the real friend knows you well, it's a long shot !

any suggestions ?


GB said...

I always refer to guys that I meet for fun as friends close encounters. After all, I definitely wouldn't do the kinds of things that I do with them if they were enemies!

GB xxx

close encounters said...

yeah, but the point is that my real mate knew that i didn't have any friends in the building that i was exiting !