08 July 2008

foreign gym nudity

one of the reasons that i manage to go to the gym on a vaguely regular basis, is to see fit guys in sports kit, and walking around naked in the changing rooms ... of course there is the always the bonus of any action in the steam room, but just the general nakedness in the changing rooms is worth the trip !

however, i was in South America recently, and went to the local gym hoping to see some of the local hot guys without their kit on ... only to find that they were much more conservative in their nakedness than in the UK. they were going into the shower cubicles with their shorts on, taking their underwear with them, and coming out with it on after having showered - so no public nakedness at all !

i'm not sure if it's a South American catholic conservatism thing, but it was very disappointing !

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Anonymous said...

I found the same when I visited South America. However, when you get some alcohol into them, they drop their conservatism!