27 July 2008

first fun at my flat in 4 years ...

i've always preferred to visit blokes at their places ... sometimes for practical reasons of privacy, otherwise, just because i felt it was safer - i've always been a bit worried about whether a bloke would try and trash my place, or steal my stuff ... whereas, at least if a bloke went mental at his place, then i'd just have to get out !

well, the other day, i was eyeing up this bloke in the showers at the gym - he seemed interested, and had a nice looking dick ... so i met him outside ... where it turned out that he shared with others, and since i had my place to myself, it seemed only right to go back to mine !

i'm not sure if it was me being worried about having somebody back to my flat, or whether it just wasn't such a good session ... but i definitely didn't enjoy myself as much as sometimes ... but still, it wasn't bad !

he seemed to be really into me, which was nice, but i don't think that i'll have a repeat performance with him if by any chance he suggests it ...

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