10 July 2008

would you join a bloke in a gym shower cubicle ?

the other day in the gym, a bloke was beckoning me to join him in his shower cubicle ... and he seemed really annoyed when i refused !

i enjoy a bit of fun in the steam room, but it's fairly easy to cover up when another bloke enters ... and although it may be obvious what's been going on, there's no incriminating evidence ...

however if i was caught in a shower cubicle with another bloke, there could be no claim to innocence - and i could potentially be kicked out of a gym that i really like !

what do other people think - would you join a bloke in a gym shower cubicle ?


GB said...

Errr, well, actually I've done that in the past *blush*! But only in the end cubicle, and when it was very quiet in the gym too.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

If it is quiet... go for it!!

Anonymous said...

I happened to be at the gym once during Xmas holiday and the place was dead. Even the showers hot water had been turned off. This older guy hit on me and I ended up giving him a blow job in one of the cubicle showers (only a brief, quick BJ though) He wanted me to go home with him but I kinda ran away.

Then later, another guy hit on me in the showers and wanted to join me in a cubible, but the gym was very busy and so I declined.

I think you have to judge these things depending on the situation, but generally it's not worth the risk.