24 July 2015

seven things not to do on a date

I recently met up with a guy for a drink ... and whilst it wasn't awful, I knew within the first few seconds that it wasn't going to go anywhere.  I thought that it could at least provide some learning points - for me, and maybe others ...

1) if you don't wear glasses in any of your profile pics - don't show up for a date wearing glasses

2) don't use decade old photos in your profile, especially if you don't look anything like them (i wasn't even sure if it was the right guy when he came over to greet me)

3) don't show up late for your date - it's just rude, and starts things off on the wrong foot

4) don't give a limp handshake - use both hands if it helps !

5) don't just have a credit card - if you want to share a round have some cash.  buying the first round lets me easily escape without a 2nd drink - but it would be nice sometimes for the other guy to buy the first round

6) if your date tries to steer conversation away from a subject matter (probably because they're bored with it) - don't keep coming back to it !

7) if your date finishes their drink whilst you're half way through yours - offer to get them another one (to numb the pain of your dull conversation)

8) don't be too surprised if your date isn't rushing to rip your clothes off, if you have failed on the above six points !


rlp340 said...

Aw...those dates are always horrible when they start off with the glasses or the picture.
Heres something to make you feel better ;)

close encounters said...

lol - that's bit creepy - the cat looked dead at the start !