15 July 2015

awesome session with a foreign soldier

One of the vaguely interesting aspects of travelling, is seeing what apps are most popular in different parts of the world !

I was recently in eastern europe, and it turns out that Hornet is where most of the guys hang out.  Thankfully I have a wide selections of apps installed on my phone, so there's usually something for every occasion !!

My first attempt at meeting a guy failed, when just before he was due to come over he said that he needed a bit of money to help with his study ... and whilst it really wasn't a lot of money ... and whilst I don't have a moral objection to people paying for sex ... I was annoyed about how he went about it ... and I haven't yet paid for sex ... so I told him to take a hike.

However the next attempt (in another city) was much more fruitful ...

His english was barely functional, but with the help of Google Translate, we managed to sort out arrangements for him to come to my hotel ...

We started off with a shower together ... and he turned to be the best sexual encounter that I've had in a long time!  I tend to acquire techniques from different encounters ... but he seemed to have acquired them all, and was able to deploy them in rapid order.  He was so good that I wondered whether he was in fact a professional (and I still have a nagging thought) !

He had a beautifully natural body - although he was clearly very strong/fit, he didn't have that overly developed gym bunny / bodybuilder look.  From the photos he had of himself, and from what I could gather from his broken english, I think he was a soldier.

He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but after a couple of hours he need to leave ... so we both climaxed (he's the 2nd guy I've ever met who gets horniest when rimming) ... and there was no question of payment !

We were due to meet the following night, but he said that a friend had been taken to hospital and he wouldn't be able to come over.  I still see him on Hornet quite a lot - so maybe he is a professional sex worker ?!

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