31 July 2015

Eight things not to do on a date

I wrote recently about seven things not to do on a date ... and to be fair, the guy I went on a date with recently didn't do any of them !

But he did one thing that was pretty annoying ... he kept going on about how cute the waiter was !

I suspect that it was an attempt to signal that he wasn't interested in me physically / sexually ... since we stayed for a few drinks, and conversation was good !

And that's fine - i'm big enough and ugly enough not to expect everybody that I meet to want to jump my bones !  But going on and on about the waiter ... is just tacky.  I'm sure there's a better way to indicate lack of sexual interest.

And to be honest, whilst the waiter did have great eyes (and was a lot hotter than either me or my date) ... he wasn't all that !

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