19 July 2015

have you fisted before ?

What counts as fisting ?

When soemebody asks you have you done it before, what do you say ?

I've played with a lot of asses, but have I actually fisted ... is there a technical definition for how many fingers / thumbs / inches of hand you have got in to qualify for the "fister" badge ?!

After this recent encounter, I'm pretty sure that I qualify for the badge !

He was only a few streets away, but his english wasn't the clearest ... so when he said Flat 2 ... I assumed it was buzzer marked "2nd floor" ... but when I got buzzed in, it wasn't clear what flat he was in ...

Thankfully he had left his door open ... and was on all fours, with his ass ready to be examined ...

It was a very enjoyable experience, and we both produced reasonably sized loads ... but I wouldn't want to spend all my time doing it.

Unfortunately he was a heavy smoker, so kissing wasn't very enjoyable.

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