24 September 2015

High and annoying

I had been chatting to a guy online about meeting up ... we had previously chatted about 9 months ago, but had never actually met up ...

He seemed quite nervous, and probably hadn't met that many guys, as he was quite recently out of a relationship with a woman.  He dropped into the online chat a question about drugs ... and as usual I replied that I didn't really use them, but I was fine with him doing so.  Normally it's not really an issue when I meet up with a guy - but I'm not really a fan.

I went over to his place, and he was quite a bit heavier than his photos suggested ... but I was horny, and he was keen, so I thought I might as well just get on with it !

He was a nice enough guy ... but I think the drugs he had taken (he said that it was some sort of legal high) put him on edge ... he seemed quite nervous and not fully with it (asked the same question again within a few minutes).

Anyway, after a while we sorted each other out.

Before we had even cum, he suggested meeting again ... but I doubt we will.

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