23 September 2015

Steamroom gaydar

Sometimes it's really obvious when a guy is up for it ... the best indication is when they are in the steamroom fully naked, and looking around - often sitting on top of their towel ...

Another easy spot is when he has his towel meeting at his crotch for easy access - and he starts to touch himself ...

But there was a guy the other day who entered the steamroom ... sat down the far end ... and had his towel wrapped so tightly around himself that he couldn't possibly access his goods !

I looked over at him (he was really fit), and touched myself through my towel - you never know when a member of gym staff will be using the steamroom, so I'm quite careful - with zero expectation that he was going to react ...

Next thing I know, he stands up and unwraps his towel - I think I gasped as his beautiful dick flopped out - and rearranged it so he can access his dick more easily ... and shortly after, he moved over to my end of the steamroom !

Before too long, I manipulated him into shooting a nice load :)

Just goes to show, you never know who will be up for it in the steamroom!

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