22 September 2015

Trying out V

A few years ago I bought some Viagra (through a reputable high street pharmacy chain) ... as I wanted to see what it was like.

It has sat in my bedside drawer for ages ... and I recently got it out to see what the expiry date was!  Impressively, it still has another couple of years to go, but I thought I really should use it ...

The instructions say that you should take it an hour beforehand, and not on a ful stomach (for maximum impact) ...

I took half a pill ... and waited ... and within 45 minutes, as soon as I got horny, I could feel that it just didn't go down !

The instructions said that I might feel flushed, and get a blocked nose - and I got both of those.

In the end, I didn't actually meet the guy I was expecting - so I didn't get to use it in anger, so to speak !

But a week later, I took the other half of the pill ... and did meet up with a guy.  I didn't feel quite as flushed, or as nasally as before (maybe next time it will be a bit less again).

Both times I thought I was producuing more precum than usual ... and the guy I met was shocked by how much I was leaking!

I'm lookig forward to using the other three pills :)

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