06 February 2016

nothing like his photos

i wrote a while ago about a guy who blatantly used another person's photos ... and then deleted his profile straight afterwards (before i had a chance to chastise him) !

the other day i had a variation on this ... where his photos were so different/old, that he might as well have used somebody else's !

he contacted me initially on Squirt - where he said that he was 30 years old ... and his body pics looked really good.  when i asked for facepics he directed me to his gaydar profile - which said he was 33 years old ... and his facepics looked pretty good.

when i arrived at his flat, i reckon he was over 40 (grey beard didn't help) ... somewhat over weight, and really nothing like his pics ...

but just as last time ... i couldn't resist the opportunity (especially having made the effort of getting to his place) ... and i went ahead ... with a mediocre encounter.

i just realised, that i suspect i'm much more likely to say no if i'm hosting ...


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