02 February 2016

i cum a lot

i was on grindr the other day, and noticed a guy who looked familiar ... we started chatting, and it turned out that he was indeed a guy that i had sort of met last year - we had both been at a local political hustings ... and i had attempted to flirt with him on twitter afterwards!

he agreed to come over to my place for some fun ... although he seemed a bit vague about what he was interested in doing ...

he had warned me that he wasn't looking at his best ... but i was really surprised when he arrived ... he wasn't quite the cute guy that i had remembered from last year ... he had put on quite a bit of weight, and looked quite different.

we started to chat, and i discovered that he was quite camp, with some slightly strange sayings !

before too long we were in the bedroom ... as things progressed it was clear that he wanted a blow job ... but he didn't seem interested in returning the favour !  he also didn't seem interested in kissing ... not sure if it was just me, or generally !!

he had warned me that he often shot a large amount of cum ... so i was delighted at the prospect ... but it turned out that whilst the volume was indeed significant ... there wasn't much power behind it ... so it just sort of flowed rather than shot !  that was fine, i still got to use it as lube for my own masturbation - and it meant that i didn't have to clean the walls ... but you really can't beat the awesome sight of a dick firing on all cylinders !

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