29 February 2016

welcome to london

i wrote recently about an encounter at an airport toilet ... and recently i was passing through the same airport ... so thought i would check it out to see if the clientele had improved ...

sadly they hadn't !

when i arrived, one of the cubicles was occupied ... so i selected the one beside it ... and after some foot tapping ... the occupant emerged ... and joined me in my (larger) cubicle ...

he wasn't very attractive ... but i was horny ... and needed to cum (and it was too late to visit a gym steam room) ... so i thought he would do !

but he started to get a bit aggressive ... and bit my ear ... so i pushed him away ... which he didn't seem to like ... but i was more physically capable than him - so i didn't feel in any danger ...

i shot my load ... and he left.

i need to stop visiting that airport terminal !

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