04 February 2016

guys who hate an audience

i was in the gym steam room the other day ... there were a couple of guys there, and nothing seemed to be happening ...

a few minutes later one of the guys left ... and the other guy started extracting himself from the towel that he was previously securely wrapped inside ... wtf ?!

it has happened a few times recently - guys are only interested in getting it on, if nobody else can see ... what a waste !

maybe i was like that too some years ago ... it tends to be younger guys who don't like an audience ... i guess there are a few possibilities as to why:

1) they are genuinely shy, and don't like other people seeing their equipment (some of the "shy" guys have stunning bodies/dicks)
2) they are deeply closeted, and don't want more than one person knowing what they get up to
3) they are deeply closeted, and convince themselves it's not gay if there's only one other guy
4) they worry about their personal security with a couple of other guys - although all the steam rooms have alarm buttons, and if you shouted there are always more guys in the showers nearby
5) they think it's sleazy to wank off with more than one other guy

any other ideas ??



Bruce said...

Or they prefer you and for some reason aren't interested in the other guy. I remembered when I was in the steam room and two of the regulars were basically trying to avoid each other even though they were after the same thing...

close encounters said...

ha ha - you might be right ... but i didn't get the impression that either of them were regulars !